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NOPAULAGIES ATHLEISUREWEAR is a brand that reflects the intellect and style of today’s discerning woman, and supports them. Our lifestyle apparel helps you effortlessly transition through your day. From the gym to coffee, or lunch. From your workspace to dinner and drinks. From the night before… to the morning after.

Women (and men) demand clothing that speaks to who they are, and therefore, to others. NOPAULAGIES raises the bar for ‘statement clothing’ encouraging self-evolution and inclusivity. Our clothing not only looks and feels sublime, it’s the perfect catalyst to get these important conversations started.

Paula Stunden, the Creative Director loves words, especially playing with them. To illustrate, normal is a combination of no & normal. Two ideas – to aspire to "normalcy" or to reject that concept – that conflict. Also, she creates a scrabble-like handful of words that provokes discussion. For instance, FEMINIST includes the phrase, "To be or not to be, that is the question".  To declare yourself a "feminist", you are stigmatized.  And, to declare yourself in opposition to this movement, you are also stigmatized. This is the essence of NOPAULAGIES. Our designs are "conversation starters" in a world where conversation may be more and more what will ultimately keep us together.

Born in small-town Saskatchewan, Paula now calls Toronto home. An English teacher, business owner and mother, she’s ecstatic (no, really) to have found the canvas to express herself.

George D’Amato, the Managing Director, leverages his extensive feature film, television and advertising background to keep NOPAULAGIES relevant, and running smoothly. A native Long Islander, having lived and worked in New York City, Los Angeles, and Toronto, with work experience in Vancouver, China, Japan, South Africa and throughout Europe, he knows a thing or two about delivering big projects on time and on budget. Some of his Fortune 500 clients include Coca-Cola, General Motors, Volvo, ESPN, and close to his heart, I LOVE NY.

Not only business partners, but life partners, Paula and George manage this delicate dance with panache. Both aesthetically motivated and creatures of the creative Toronto urban lifestyle, NOPAULAGIES is the result. Inspired by each other daily, P & G (the less serious one) randomly met at the right time, in the right place. Thank you TINDER!


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