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How fortunate I am, doing what I love. I have a passion and a knack for writing short, provocative text. Mind you, It took some time to get here, to turn this oddity into a business. Of course, that only makes it sweeter.

Had this happened earlier, well, the material and perspective wouldn’t have been as rich. I’m also happy to be a living example of stick-to-it-ness for my 3 children. Through determination, hard-work, positivity and admittedly, some naivety, I’m living my dream, creating ‘statement clothing’. Our designs, unabashedly, encourage conversation about sometimes controversial, uncomfortable topics.

And NOPAULAGIES couldn’t be more ‘on the pulse’ given the current state of affairs. My daughter Catherine, 22, and I rode the bus from Toronto to Washington for ‘The Women’s March’. To be part of such a positive, peaceful and inclusive event gave me significant hope. Hope that if enough of us care and aren’t complacent, we can effect change.

Such tangible solidarity of women, men and children was something to behold. Not only in DC – 500,000, NYC – 250,000 and LA – 750,000, but internationally too, with marches in London, Toronto, Berlin, Amsterdam, Antarctica, Nairobi and Sydney, to name just a few. Estimates have cited that 3,000,000,000 people participated worldwide.

Finally, we ‘Boomers’ in North America must admit we’ve had the luxury of living our lives with relative stability and freedom, unlike our parents who lived through WWII. To now feel an uncomfortable, rather frightening shift beneath our feet is surreal. However, I’m pleased to see that it’s ‘lit a fire under many of our asses’, and, I’d like to think our designs are a vehicle for “teesing us out of complacency”.

By Paula Stunden-Smith


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